A Dedication

to preserve and defend your rights.

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Yes, we are responsible, responsive advocates. Yes, we are warm people and studied professionals.

But perhaps more importantly, we take as a personal challenge the words, "It can't be done. You can't win." We are tireless researchers, compassionate listeners and builders of strong cases. And we stand by a mission that when the world is against you, stand firm and fight for what's right. If you or someone you love is hurt, suffered an injury or a loss, you need help. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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Building A Firm

of Purpose & Promise

John D. Clark was a public defender, representing criminal defendants, when he met prosecutor and future wife, Sharon Baker, who prosecuted them.

Although on opposites sides of the courtroom, they both gained valuable courtroom experience before moving on to private practice. After honing their skills in personal injury law at prominent law firms, they began developing a vision of what a law firm could be, they set out to build their own firm - a firm of purpose and promise - to advocate for those who have suffered a loss, been injured or stand accused. A firm to fight for what's right for every client.

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Office Location & Story

Dedicated to Our Community

As Sumter natives, John and Sharon Clark grew up with a thriving downtown, an energetic hub for both business and shopping. During the 1980s, like so many other communities, Sumter's downtown fell into decline losing its vitality as many of the businesses and merchants relocated to the malls and other areas. In 2000, the City of Sumter kicked off a downtown revitalization project with Clark Law Firm building the second new building the city's downtown had seen in 30 years. The building quickly became a downtown showpiece as well as playing host to community events. And, perhaps most importantly, the building sparked several more major additions to the downtown Sumter landscape - adding to the revitalization, energy and growth that continues today.